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Resources to Support and Understand Anti-Racism and #BlackLivesMatter

The world is calling for transformation; to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice. Here in Canada, we have our own history of colonialism and systemic racism. Below are resources to educate, enable, and inspire activism: What is Systemic Racism? There are two types to consider: Individual Racism refers to an individual’s racist assumptions, beliefs orContinue reading “Resources to Support and Understand Anti-Racism and #BlackLivesMatter”

Our Picks: Upcoming Events in Toronto

Mentorship and Your Career

January 29th, Light House Labs

Join the Lighthouse Labs Toronto team as they end off their mentorship month with a panel of industry leaders who will share mentorship insights

Urban Retreat with Rachel Fackoury

February 8th, Loft Cycle Club

A day filled with personal development, movement, and community building.

January Spotlight: Volunteering in Toronto


Student Bloggers

The Ripple Foundation is looking for students to share their opinions and experiences on various topics that matter to youth through engaging and authentic blog posts.


Peer Mentor Newcomers

Youth Assisting Youth matches youth mentors with newcomer and at-risk kids, ages 6-15, in a one-on-one peer mentoring relationship.

When I pushed my door open this morning
I was surprised to find that
I liked how the air felt on my face
The brisk November air
brushed my cheeks:
fingertips after holding a cold drink
the air felt new in my lungs
bringing in the crunched leaves
and fresh rain
and strawberry sorbet sunrise
with each
I can’t remember the last time
I noticed the feeling
of new air in my lungs
I can’t remember the last time the things around me
didn’t look grey or white or dim
it’s something I don’t even

Cassandra Cervi is currently working as a strategist in Toronto. She has been published with eMpower Magazine, Synaerisis Press, Pip Magazine, Beautiful Losers Magazine and The Impressment Gang. These poems explore the conflicting beauty and dullness of daily mundanity. 

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