The Best Job Boards to Follow in Toronto

Finding a job can be daunting with the overwhelming number of resources out there. What’s going to be imporant is to make sure you’re monintoring as many different boards as possible, setting up job alerts when you can, and keeping track of where you’ve applied. Once you’ve spotted a few companies that you’re interested in, I’d recommend monitoring that company’s job listings too as not all listings make their way to public external boards. Below are a few to get you started.

1. MaRS Discovery District

This job board will include start-up and technology related jobs for some of the most innovative companies in the city. The roles will range from internships to directors, and from sales to engineering. Another similar job board would be by the DMZ.

2. AngelList

AngelList builds a community around job hunting while connecting you to ventures and start-ups. You’ll build out a profile, engage in networking, and explore a venture’s entire platform while browsing for jobs. Why work at a startup? Think explosive growth, an opportunity to work on building something from the ground up, create ideas, gain invaluable experience, and even a chance to own some equity in a company. AngelList has a great blog that goes deeper into why you might want (or not) to consider joining a startup here.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor should always be your go-to when it comes to reviewing a company’s brand and culture. The reviews left by past and current employees are invaluable and you’ll often find interview structures and questions too. They also have insights such as average salaries by role, approval ratings for their CEO’s, and even details on benefits. They’re also home to the coveted Best Places To Work list.

4. LinkedIn

Not only should you definitely have a LinkedIn profile, but you should also try utilizing it to network with companies that you’re interested in and with others in your field. It’s an amazing tool for connecting and getting spotted by recruiters too. Job searches can be customized and you’ll be able to see mutual connections for that added potential to land the right job. You can also set job alerts to hear about similar roles.

4. Indeed

Indeed comes through with an all around solid search and reliable job alerts. It most likely has the largest pool of jobs which means you’re more likely to pick up on niche roles and a wider range of companies that are hiring. You’re able to upload a resume and get to applying to companies like IBM, Bell, and Deloitte or search on field and location alone.

Have a suggestion? Share your thoughts below.

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