The Most Important Thing to Consider When Accepting an Offer

You’ve put in the work, and nothing is more rewarding than the validation that follows an offer. I’ve worked for thirteen different companies by twenty-five, here are a few things I’ve come to consider being just as important (with number one being the most) than the pay grade.

Image by Park Street @parkstreet_

1. Where You Want to Be In Five Years

With the right strategy you’ll always be able to find a paying job, but to find meaningful work will mean putting in the time to invest in your career and future. This is something searched for from all walks of life and will mean different types of sacrifice for different people. Take a moment to consider what makes you happy, what role model you’d like to see yourself become, what work you want to be doing, and start putting yourself in roles that will work as stepping stones to that goal.

2. Mentorship

As you begin to grow in your careers, in many cases you’ll only get to be as good as your mentor pushes you to. Having someone that can give advice, coaching, feedback, and advocate for you are going to be the most invaluable pieces towards your personal growth and development.

3. Company Benefits

Having a contract role that pays $60,000 with no benefits will be very different than having a full-time job that pays $60,000 plus benefits. Medical, dental, therapy (physical, psychological), and vision can add up. Some companies also include massages, wellness spending, family counciling, and even an education credit.

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