The Most Important Thing to Consider When Accepting an Offer

You’ve put in the work, and nothing is more rewarding than the validation that follows an offer. I’ve worked for thirteen different companies by twenty-five, here are a few things I’ve come to consider being just as important (with number one being the most) than the pay grade. 1. Where You Want to Be InContinue reading “The Most Important Thing to Consider When Accepting an Offer”

How to Create an Application Tracker

An application tracker will help you manage the first steps to any venture you find yourself on: interviews, publishers, competitions, casting calls, even a housing search (shout out to Toronto). Why? It’ll help you keep track of the details beyond putting your name in the hat, like tracking the feedback you’re receiving, being mindful ofContinue reading “How to Create an Application Tracker”

The Best Job Boards to Follow in Toronto

Finding a job can be daunting with the overwhelming number of resources out there. What’s going to be imporant is to make sure you’re monintoring as many different boards as possible, setting up job alerts when you can, and keeping track of where you’ve applied. Once you’ve spotted a few companies that you’re interested in,Continue reading “The Best Job Boards to Follow in Toronto”